Blacklisted merchants are based on:

  1. Did not comply with the market price of LongTV Set-Top Box
  2. Selling illegal APPs to customers

What will happen to blacklisted LongTV Set-Top Box merchants'?

  1. Will be blocked permanently
  2. 1 year warranty will be voided immediately
  3. Will not be provided with any stocks to sell LongTV Set-Top Box


  1. 没有遵守龙视给的市场价格零售
  2. 把不合法的APP一起卖给客户


  1. 会不定时的被封
  2. 1年保修立刻会被取消
  3. 不会再提供龙视盒子

ID Company Name Address / URL Category
2020 黄胜明 Facebook
598 ArmStore Miri Facebook
077 Gustavekel Shopee
098 hugoongshengchuan Shopee
122 hyperdeal_shop Shopee
298 untung1818 Shopee
301 techpc Shopee
367 celine212026 Shopee
394 fook8888 Shopee